Who We Are

We are a technology accelerator company formerly known as Openovate Labs, which started in 2011, incorporated in 2013, acquired by the Sterling Group of Companies in 2017 and now known as Sterling Technologies.

For more than 7 years, we’ve been helping brands with their technology, building better user experiences, improving customer engagement, implementing data driven and business intelligence.

Our clients trust us over most outsource companies in
SEA because of our intimate knowledge in building
products and how we immerse with them.
What they come to expect from us:

  • World-class technology solutions, implementations and integrations
  • Methodical product road mapping and disciplined product development
  • Business and marketing strategies based on data and science
  • A high concentrated amount of logic to solve problems

We Develop Game Changers

Our company mission is to develop things that have an
impact on our city, Philippines, Southeast Asia and the
World. Extreme lengths are taken in pursuit of this goal.

Our mission as a partner is to understand what our
clients want to achieve, contribute to their positive
outcomes, and help them make good decisions that will
drive revenue and performance for the best possible
ROI. That’s how we help companies keep growing, day in
and day out. We can do the same with yours.

Our Team

We house over 50+ like minded, business strategists, startup mentors, marketing professionals and some of the best technologists in the country, all experts in their fields.

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Our Culture

We are the weird ones. The ones who work past the normal times in the day and throughout the night. The free spirits that believe in having fun while being the best at what we do. The ones that are transparent and no nothing of business politics. The ones that addresses the biggest problems in your company. The ones who are bold enough to tell you the truth without fear.

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Family and Friends

We have great relationships with many companies around the World. They have guided us, taught us, worked with us and made this company what it is today.

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