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The Millenial way to get hired

We are a growing company and Jobayan was made initially as an alternative channel for technology-based companies, startups, and non-corporate companies like ours to quickly find fresh and savvy talent.

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As grew its users

we molded its identity to address companies’
immediate job hiring needs by providing low-cost services and solutions.

By allowing job seekers to promote their preferred job roles in the platform, we aim to shape not just as another job search engine but a job community where getting hired and finding candidates are easy. Recruiters and job seekers match and connect with each other to make job hunting more social…

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Business Cloud ST

Exactly, how much money is your company making?

Starting a business is an adventurous endeavor, maintaining a business is a tedious endeavor and growing a successful business is a rare moment. Let us help you measure the things that matter when it comes to your business so you can transform that into action. With Business Cloud ST

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